• 它的意思是任务或项目的截止日期,强调了时间的不可逆转性,即截止日期一到,工作必须完成。


  • The team is working diligently to meet the DDL for the project submission.(团队正在努力工作,以满足项目提交的截止日期。)
  • Despite the challenges, she successfully completed the task well before the DDL.(尽管面临挑战,她成功在截止日期之前完成了任务。)
  • We need to finalize the report before the DDL to ensure timely review and approval.(我们需要在截止日期之前完成报告,以确保及时审查和批准。)
  • Missing the DDL for the grant application could result in disqualification, so it's crucial to submit it on time.(错过申请补助的截止日期可能导致资格被取消,因此及时提交是至关重要的。)
  • The manager granted a DDL extension for the team due to unforeseen circumstances that affected the project timeline.(由于影响了项目进度的不可预见的情况,经理为团队延长了截止日期。)


  • Meet the Deadline:指成功在截止日期前完成任务。
  • Miss the Deadline:表示未能在规定的截止日期前完成任务。
  • Deadline Approaching:表示截止日期即将到来。
  • Set a Deadline:设定一个截止日期。
  • Deadline Extension:截止日期延长。


  • The dedicated team worked overtime to ensure they could meet the deadline for the product launch.(全身心投入的团队加班加点,确保能够按时完成产品上线的截止日期。)
  • Despite facing unexpected challenges, the project team collaborated effectively and managed to meet the deadline for the submission of the proposal.(尽管面临意外的挑战,项目团队高效合作,成功地在提交提案的截止日期前完成了任务。)
  • The team worked tirelessly, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they had to miss the deadline for the product launch.(团队辛勤工作,但由于不可预见的情况,他们不得不错过产品上线的截止日期。)
  • Unfortunately, with the unexpected delay in the production process, we had to miss the deadline for submitting the proposal.(不幸的是,由于生产过程中的意外延误,我们不得不错过提交提案的截止日期。)
  • With the deadline approaching, the research team is putting in extra hours to finalize the experiment results.(随着截止日期的临近,研究团队正在加班加点,以完成实验结果的最后工作。)
  • The stress levels are increasing among students with the final exams' deadline approaching rapidly.(随着期末考试的截止日期迅速临近,学生们的压力水平正在上升。)
  • The project manager decided to set a deadline for the completion of the research phase to ensure timely progress.(项目经理决定设定一个截止日期,以确保研究阶段的及时完成。)
  • We should set a deadline for the team to submit their proposals, allowing us to efficiently review and make decisions.(我们应该为团队提交提案设定一个截止日期,以便我们能够高效地审查并做出决策。)
  • The student requested a deadline extension for the research paper due to unexpected family circumstances.(由于意外的家庭情况,学生请求延长研究论文的截止日期。)
  • The project team was granted a deadline extension to accommodate the additional tasks that arose during the development phase.(为了应对在开发阶段出现的额外任务,项目团队被允许延长截止日期。)



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